Pet Grooming

Pet Grooming

For us, grooming is so much more than just brushing and clipping pet fur.

We believe grooming is also about ensuring your pet feels comfortable and actually enjoys their time being pampered. That is why here at the Diamond Valley Veterinary Hospitals we spend time to form a relationship with your furry friend and minimise stress whilst visiting.

We want your pet to feel as though they have their own personal stylist friend who they adore spending the day with! To help achieve this bond we use many different techniques that include:

  • Lots of doggy friendly treats
  • Lots of short walks to help break up the tedium of the day. This allows pooches to feel like they are still getting out and about as well as getting a chance to toilet!
  • Gentle handling techniques

We also use a special dog friendly aroma room spray, a synthetic “dog appeasing pheromone”. Pheromones are chemicals that animals use to communicate with one another. The product has no odour to us, but it acts as a natural reassuring signal to dogs, thus reducing anxiety and promoting a sense of re-assuring calmness.

Our resident groomer Sheila has a high level of enthusiasm and commitment for maintaining the health of your pets skin and coat as well as making them look and feel fantastic. With decades of experience under her belt Sheila is able to offer all manner of breed specific clip styles. She adores every breed and lending her stylist eye to making your pooch look its best, whether it’s an “all over trim” or something a little more fancy! Our grooming service is tailored to your pets individual requirements. We offer bathing, brushing, stripping, thinning, clipping, scissoring and shaping. All coat drying is done with professional grooming dryers to ensure that the correct warmth is maintained for the benefit of your dogs skin as well as helping to give the best possible finished look.

Our dog grooming area is equipped with heating and cooling and all equipment and products we use are of the highest professional standard. From our hydrobath, dryers, clippers and scissors to our soap free low allergen shampoo and the coat treatment conditioner we use with every bath. We don’t use “recycled water” (meaning that we use fresh water for every bath rather than share the same water between various pets) and all equipment is appropriately cleaned/sterilised in between use on each pet.

Sheila also provides a cat grooming service. Cats are sedated by our veterinarians, then they are groomed in our hospital, under the watchful eyes of our staff. Pets that require sedation for grooming will need regular check-ups to ensure they are healthy enough to undergo sedation.

We offer grooming up to 6 days a week. Please call and speak to our Team for further information or to make a booking.