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ASAVA Accreditation

We opened our Eltham Central Veterinary Hospital in 2001, and since that first day we have been proud to be one of only 43 (current at time of publication in 2017) veterinary hospitals within Australia to receive and consistently maintain our prestigious title of “ASAVA Accredited Veterinary Hospital”.

The ASAVA or Australian Small Animal Veterinary Association is an Australia-wide organisation that represents Veterinarians who are dedicated to excelling in small animal practice. The ASAVA Hospital Accreditation Scheme awards only those veterinary practices that achieve the highest levels of quality health care and practice management in innovative, state-of-the-art hospital facilities.

ASAVA accredited hospitals are responsible for setting the benchmark for veterinary facilities and standards throughout Australia. Our self-imposed stringent level of patient care ensures that every year we can continue to strive to remain a leader in our industry and continue to hold our awarded title.

Why is accreditation important for you and your pet?

  • Our veterinary and nursing staff are a vital part of our hospitals operation, and your pets recuperation will be greatly assisted by their humane care. ASAVA Accreditation requires all Accredited Hospital veterinarians not only to maintain, but also to continually upgrade their skills and knowledge.
  • Amongst the range of facilities our hospital offers is a temperature controlled environment for the comfort and well being of all our patients.
  • We understand the very real concern experienced by most pet owners when their pet requires an anaesthetic. The very high standard of equipment and anaesthetic monitoring required of an ASAVA Accredited Veterinary Hospital offers your pet the safest anaesthetic possible.
  • Our modern surgical suite provides a sterile environment and facilities including sterile gowns, individually wrapped sterile instrument packs and the latest operating equipment.
  • All Accredited Veterinary Hospitals provide complete pharmaceutical facilities to ensure proper medications are on hand when your pet needs them, as well as complete Diagnostic Services and complete Dental Services
  • For an accurate record of your pet’s health and a guide to future care, complete medical histories are maintained for every patient.

Eltham Central Veterinary Hospital has won the ASAVA Award of Accreditation every year since 2001!