Annual Health Checks & Pet Wellness

Annual Health Checks & Pet Wellness

Animals age faster than people, and an annual health check is essential to ensure your pet has a long and healthy life. Often an annual health check can be coincided with a vaccination visit. We consider pet wellness and preventative health care a top priority for our patients. Health issues such as weight concerns, dental disease, mobility issues and heart disease can also be detected earlier with regular checks. For elderly pets we may recommend 6 monthly health checks to monitor certain changes more closely. 

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We run by appointment, except for emergencies. Our standard consultation fees apply on weekdays during clinic hours (8am-8pm) and Saturdays until 3pm. After 3pm on a Saturday, Sundays, public holidays and after-hours consultations incur increased fees.

We do our best to minimise stress on pets when visiting our Hospitals. If your pet is particularly stressed around other animals or in certain situations please speak to our staff when making your booking, so we can accommodate as many special needs and minimise stress for you and your pet as much possible. 

With notice we offer house-call consultations, however they do need to be arranged in advance to ensure adequate time and staffing is allocated.